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FDRX7.com on Facebook and Twitter Author : admin (The Stig)

FDRX7.com is now interacting with Facebook and Twitter, and popular threads will be featured on each media.

Please like us on facebook by clicking

SmartPhone Users can now login with native SmartPhone App Author : admin (The Stig)

SmartPhone Users can now enjoy a much richer browser experience by purchasing an application from Tapatalk.

Download Tapatalk from the Android/iTunes Store, install, and enjoy!

Alternatively there is a FREE version of Tapatalk available, but it is Read-Only, you will be unable to post. Also available from the Android/iTunes Store.

More information is available from

Supposedly works for Nolkia and Blackberry, but has yet to be tested here, to the best of our knowledge.

PowerFC Manuals now on-line Author : admin (The Stig)

Thanks to BT, we have an ENGLISH copy of the PFC Manual available for download.

Click Here to Download, or go to the Manuals Link from the Homepage.

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