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  1. FS: Odometer Check on your JDM Import.
  2. FS: [EOI] Tein type HR coilovers.
  3. FS: Discounted odometer check by JOC.
  4. FS: Brake rotors
  5. SOLD: OEM Strut Brace (Black)
  6. FS: Red RZ Recaro's w/rails & MS-01 alloys.
  7. FS: [QLD] S8 twin turbos, dump pipe, AST
  8. FS: [Rx7 Boutique] Spirit-R E-Brake, HKS Hypermax Coilovers
  9. FS: Front X member/subframe.
  10. SOLD: Lightweight panels.
  11. FS: [SYD] Oil coolers/stock struts/auto ECU, etc.
  12. SOLD: [NSW] FD Bodykit - R-Magic, RE Amemiya, now $550!!
  13. SOLD: Drivers Side Window Switch.
  14. FS: [SYD] OEM bonnet (blue), OEM 16" rims/w tyres.
  15. FS: FD gearbox.
  16. SOLD: Set of Stock Wheels - 16 x 8".
  17. FS: [NSW] 18" Kumho KU31 Tyres, Almost New, Cheap.
  18. FS: 17" RS wheels with tyres.
  19. FS: PFC Commander / front guards / bonnet.
  20. SOLD: [VIC] HKS cast manifold, T04z & Tial wastegate adapter
  21. FS: FD3S airbox, blow off valve, turbo manifold, intercooler, twins
  22. All FS items now require pics.
  23. FS: Engine mounts, SMIC, black box, rear mats.
  24. FS: S6/S7 Front Bar Skin, $50.
  25. SOLD: [Rx7 Boutique] NICE Polished BLITZ SMIC
  26. SOLD: RX8 Wheels x 4 $300
  27. SOLD: 3" JASMA Cat back exhaust $100
  28. SOLD: 2000 Model Speedo/Odometer Cluster $100
  29. FS: [NSW] S8 Seats (PAIR) $200.
  30. FS: [NSW] 24-64-18 USED SLICKS $80ea
  31. SOLD: SMB 3.5" Dump Pipe - Ceramic coated.
  32. FS: Close ratio gear box.
  33. SOLD: Blister 50mm front guards and side skirts.
  34. FS: Wrecking FD3S6 S8 FD.
  35. SOLD: Fiberglass GT wing.
  36. [SOLD FD RX7] [SOLD] Mazdaspeed Wing, Fujitsbo Exhaust
  37. FS: FEED Fuel Collector Tank.
  38. FS: Leftovers from single conversion, Solenoid Box, Stock Twins.
  39. FS: QLD Number Plates 13QIK
  40. SOLD: Koyo Radiator R Series
  41. SOLD: Tremec TR6060 gearbox conversion.
  42. FS: HKS Super Drager exhaust.
  43. FS: [QLD] ARC airbox with filters.
  44. FS: HKS T51R turbo.
  45. FS: 17" SSR Type C with A050 Semis.
  46. FS: [NSW] Advanti 17" wheels with Dunlop slicks.
  47. SOLD: GReddy/Trust SMIC with piping.
  48. SOLD: Trust 80mm dump pipe.
  49. SOLD: WORK CR Kai 18's
  50. FS: Datalogit, Xmas special.
  51. FS: Microtech LT10S, x4 box, dash, hand controller, laptop adapter suit FD.
  52. FS: Evans waterless coolant and prep solution.
  53. FS: Carbon Fibre Hatch
  54. FS: Lightweight flywheel, counterweight & pulleys.
  55. FS: Rebuilt Gearbox/S8 Seats/3 Inch Stainless Mid Pipe/Front Lip/Showa Coilovers
  56. SOLD: OS Giken gearset.
  57. FS: Single DIN DVD players.
  58. SOLD: Advan Wheels.
  59. SOLD: Cluster Gauge Bezel, VGC.
  60. [SOLD FD RX7] SOLD: DTM wheels.
  61. SOLD: RZ BBS centre caps.
  62. FS: 13B-REW Engine block ( disassembled )
  63. FS: [BNE] Bonnet, Audio, S8 Wing + more.
  64. FS: [QLD] HKS TO4S Single Turbo Kit
  65. FS: [NSW] APEXi Power FC (no Commander)
  66. SOLD: [NSW] K&N Panel Filter for OEM airbox.
  67. SOLD: K&N 33-2017 filter for OEM airbox.
  68. FS: FD Intercooler Kits
  69. FS: Apexi PFC to suit S8 RX7.
  70. FS: RX7 BOUTIQUE Rmagic Ti Midpipe & Tein FLEX Coilovers
  71. FS: RX7 BOUTIQUE RZ F/R brakes, Advox oil reservoir coilovers.
  72. FS: [NSW] Coil pack set, $80.
  73. FS: New housings, rotors & Atkins rebuild kit.
  74. SOLD: Stainless FD3S Front Pipe
  75. FS: APEXi PFC Commander for S8
  76. SOLD: NEW Apexi PFC EL Commander.
  77. FS: JDM wheels.
  78. FS: [SYD] White cluster, AutoEXE intake + More...
  79. FS: RX7 BOUTIQUE Ohlins PCV Coilovers, Ganador Ti Exhaust, 99 Sideskirts/Mudguards
  80. FS: Bride Type RO seat rail pair.
  81. FS: RS Rear Bilsteins.
  82. SOLD: Schroth Sports II Hans Device, 20 Deg Medium.
  83. FS: KnightSport mirrors (electric).
  84. FS: S6 park lights / blinkers & reflectors.
  85. SOLD: 850cc injectors in primary rail.
  86. SOLD: [WA] Trust SMIC and pipe work.
  87. FS: [SA] Interior Parts, Suspension, Diffs etc.
  88. SOLD: KnightSports headlights.
  89. FS: Lightened Flywheel, Counterweight, Rear Main, Bolts.
  90. SOLD: HKS Twin Power Type Rotary and FD3S Harness
  91. FS: NGK Wideband O2 system & new sensor.
  92. SOLD: S8 OEM mud flaps.
  93. FS: Showa adjustable coilovers.
  94. SOLD: Knight Sports SMIC & ARC Airbox.
  95. [SOLD FD RX7] FS: 17" BBS RS II rims.
  96. SOLD: [VIC] Enkei RPF1 17" wheels
  97. SOLD: Superpro bushes.
  98. SOLD: NGK Spark Plugs.
  99. SOLD: S8 white-face cluster!
  100. SOLD: Blank gold rotor key
  101. FS: RX7 BOUTIQUE, Greddy Type-S & HKS Hypermax Performer Coilovers SPECIAL $999!!
  102. SOLD: ARC airbox
  103. FS: [NSW] OEM side skirts.
  104. SOLD: S8 White Face Cluster & RE Amemiya Gauge Pod.
  105. FS: [QLD] Greddy/Trust SMIC.
  106. FS: S7 OEM Radiator.
  107. SOLD: S8 OEM front lip, gloss black.
  108. SOLD: Oil filters.
  109. SOLD: 18" Rims
  110. FS: RX7 Boutique, Ohlins PCV Coilovers ($1150), Apexi RX6 Turbo Kit
  111. FS: Border Primary Fuel 850cc adapter and RX7Store hi-flowed 1300cc secondaries.
  112. FS: 18" Rims - Correct offset for FD3S - with tyres.
  113. FS: FD bits and pieces.
  114. FS: [QLD] Engine parts.
  115. SOLD: Defi-Link Advance BF 60mm gauge sets - 1 white, 1 amber.
  116. FS: Twin Spark and Datalogit.
  117. FS: ARC SMIC, airbox, turbos, etc
  118. FS: 13B full bridgeport race engine.
  119. FS: RX7 BOUTIQUE Legendary AP Racing 330MM Big Brake Kit $1799!
  120. SOLD: [QLD] KnightSports Catback Exhaust.
  121. NLA: [NSW] Buddy Club P1 wheels.
  122. FS: Spirit R Type A Mats and Passenger footrest.
  123. FS: Exhaust, catch can, drivers door items, twin pods, ignition barrel, door trim
  124. FS: Series 8 tail lights.
  125. SOLD: Alloy Surge Tank, Braided lines, Speedflow fittings.
  126. SOLD: Coils with leads & bracket.
  127. FS: S8 Bonnet catch & cable.
  128. FS: A/C Compressor Denso, S7.
  129. SOLD: [BNE] Plazmaman FMIC.
  130. FS: [SYD] Tial gate & SDR mani, Ultra racing 4pt brace, FMIC.
  131. FS: [QLD] Secondhand housing, Rotors, Fuel Reg.
  132. FS: S8 Console with Padded Console Box.
  133. SOLD: [QLD] Owners manual & catalogue, Apexi EVC 80mm, Gearbox sump
  134. SOLD: Kyosho 1:18 Mazda RX7 FD3S Red S6.
  135. FS: TEIN lowering springs and stock shocks.
  136. FS: (QLD) T04b, Headlights, Lip, Rats Nests,Factory Twins, Battery Box
  137. FS: Axles, hubs, etc
  138. SOLD: Twin cooler lines
  139. SOLD: Downpipe.
  140. SOLD: [NSW] Replica Feed Front Bumper
  141. FS: [SYD] Random FD bits.
  142. SOLD: Re-Amemiya SMIC pipes.
  143. FS: FD Parts Hoarder Cleanout - Hundreds of parts!
  144. FS: [WA] Microtech LT-10S
  145. FS: Single Belt Main Pulley.
  146. FS: Diff brace, S8 solenoid box, modified primary fuel rail + more.
  147. FS: Microtech LT-8s plug-in ECU for S6.
  148. FS: Stock items
  149. SOLD: Full Function Engineering secondary fuel rail.
  150. FS: S6 front bumper.
  151. FS: RE-Amemiya AD9 cf bonnet.
  152. SOLD: R/H Recaro seat rail.
  153. SOLD: Seibon CF vents to suit OEM fenders.
  154. FS: Hyper single Exedy clutch.
  155. FS: 3.9 diff gears.
  156. FS: Japanese Odometer Check is back.
  157. FS: Full Function Engineering fuel rails.
  158. FS: Turbo timer and EGT gauge.
  159. FS: [RX7 Boutique] JDM Cluster with 99 Spec Tach Blue LEDs, HKS Pro Coilovers $899!!
  160. FS: 19" rims, BW turbo, SS manifold, SMB front pipe.
  161. FS: [VIC] Stock S8 Exhaust.
  162. FS: [VIC] 17" Volk CE28N rims + RE55 tyres.
  163. [FD RX7] Garage sale
  164. SOLD: Injectors
  165. FS: [NSW] Knightsports Quad Pop-Up Headlights
  166. SOLD: HKS Twin Power Type Rotary and FD3S Harness
  167. [FS FD RX7] ///RX7 BOUTIQUE\\\ RECARO RZ Driver Seat, Greddy Type S & Tein Flex Coilovers
  168. SOLD: 850cc injectors in modified primary rail
  169. SOLD: FD3S jack, and toolkit.
  170. FS: FD3S radiator hoses VIC
  171. FS: Replica Ganador carbon mirrors.
  172. FS: OEM Engine Mounts, Showa Coilovers, Stock Exhaust
  173. FS: AutoExe Carbon Intake + ARC SMIC
  174. FS: Brake ducts
  175. FS: Series 8 16 inch stockers
  176. FS: Fd rs rx7 wheels in great condition, 17x8 fronts and 17x8.5 rears
  177. FS: GReddy/Trust SMIC with piping.
  178. FS:12 Hour Memorabilia
  179. FS: Series 8 front bar plastic reo
  180. SOLD: Lenso wheels
  181. SOLD: RE Amemiya gauge pod
  182. SOLD: Rotor shaped oil cap
  183. SOLD: [NSW] Hankook Ventus Z221 C7 (soft) Compound
  184. SOLD: Pair of Ebay smoked fender/guard indicators
  185. "SOLD" Brand new Shine Auto carbon skirts (feed style)
  186. FS: Brand new BNR Stage 3 highflow twins - want them gone!
  187. SOLD: [NSW] Feed Carbon Skid Skirts - FD3S
  188. SOLD: [QLD] Greddy Trust SMIC $770
  189. FS: Autometer Air/Fuel ration gauge 2 1/16 AU4775
  190. FS: [ADL] S8 RS oil coolers, sway bar, FMIC Greddy piping.
  191. FS: SSR SP1 new alloy centre caps.
  192. FS: Greddy hard pipe kit (SMIC)
  193. FS: BBS Type A front rim 17x8.0+50
  194. FS: Exedy twin plate clutch.
  195. FS: Brakes, Coilovers and other bits from my garage!
  196. SOLD: 6 point full bolt in cage for FD.
  197. SOLD: Sparco Race Seats.
  198. FS: [QLD] FEED Tuned Coilover Suspension
  199. FS: Autometer gauges.
  200. SOLD: HKS Twin Power and FD3S Harness.
  201. SOLD: Gearbox Brace - Black.
  202. FS: Widefoot Accelerator Pedal
  203. FS: Advan TC2 wheels with tyres.
  204. FS: Apexi twin pod filters
  205. FS: Trust/Greddy 80mm Dump Pipe.
  206. FS: Trust/Greddy Air Intake.
  207. SOLD: Spirit R gearknob & boot, handbrake & boot.
  208. FS: Spirit R gearknob
  209. FS: Alloy jack and upper/lower toolkit.
  210. FS: Fibreglass rear hatch frame.
  211. FS: Race only fibreglass doors.
  212. SOLD: White S8 rear wing.
  213. FS: Ings fibreglass body kit.
  214. FS: Brand new air jacks, race car only.
  215. SOLD: PWR Alum PS tank, lines & cooler.
  216. FS: Greddy/Trust SMIC
  217. SOLD: BC Coilovers, ER Series.
  218. SOLD: [NSW] FD Engine and turbos.
  219. FS: [Rx7 Boutique] KnightSports HID Sleepy Headlight Kit
  220. SOLD: Gearbox Braces - Electric Blue.
  221. SOLD: 17 x 9.5 Enkei NT03 wheels
  222. SOLD: A/C parts, Sydney
  223. SOLD: 3" Greddy/Trust dump pipe - Sydney
  224. SOLD: Dual Pass Intercooler.
  225. FS: JDM Style fiberglass vented bonnet - Sydney
  226. FS: Fiberglass SP rear wing (NEW).
  227. FS: [QLD] Altezza rear tail-lights (Chrome).
  228. FS: BRAND NEW Greddy Pulley Kit
  229. FS: [Wrecking] 2000 Version VI S8 RB auto, Pure White.
  230. FS: Used 18" Dunlop Direzza 036
  231. FS: Used 18" Michelin slicks
  232. FS: FD3S roof wing.
  233. SOLD: V6 Nardi wheel with airbag.
  234. FS: Defi Oil Banjo Bolt adapter for gauge senders.
  235. FS: Sef's parts clearance sale.
  236. SOLD: S8 rear lights - complete set.
  237. SOLD: Autoexe grounding kit.
  238. EOI: RZ Recaro passenger seat w/Bride rail.
  239. SOLD: [QLD] KnightSports Metalit Super Catalyser Pro200
  240. SOLD: HKS Coilovers
  241. FS: S8 Boost Solenoid Control Box
  242. SOLD: 3.9 ratio diff from S8
  243. FS: Version 6 S8 ABS Unit
  244. FS: BBS Type A Spirit R rims.
  245. SOLD: Autoexe Carbon Intake and Filter.
  246. SOLD: Trust Greddy SMIC with throttle body elbow.
  247. SOLD: HKS Hipermax Sport 3 Coilovers CHEAP & Warranty
  248. SOLD: S8 Twin Turbos
  249. FS: Nardi Deep Corn 330mm with Works Bell hub.
  250. FS: BNR Stage III Twin Turbos