View Full Version : Swap FD Related Items

  1. SWAP for RX7
  2. SWAP: cwest wing for stock s8 wing
  3. Closed: Greddy Intake kit for S8 Airbox
  4. SWAP: For stock or non-cannon exhaust
  5. Expression of interest swap twins for single
  6. SWAP: WRX my00 for FD
  7. SWAP: Rotary Datsun 1600 for S6 rolling shell.
  8. SWAP: My Bride Brix 2 for stock seat (ser 8)
  9. SWAP: GReddy Strut brace for Stock
  10. SWAP: Wedsport RS-5SS wheels (rare), white.
  11. CLOSED: Hatch swap.
  12. SWAP: SMB 3.5" catback titanium tip for SMB 3.5" twin tip.
  13. SWAP: RE Amemiya Cat Back
  14. SWAP: 4.3 with KAAZ LSD for 3.9 with Kaaz / Cusco LSD
  15. SWAP: Enkei NT03 wheels
  16. SWAP: HKS clutch.
  17. SOLD: AUTOEXE Carbon CAI.
  18. SWAP: Fabric Seats for Leather
  19. SWAP: 18" Rims
  20. SWAP: Mazda sides For Feed Sides
  21. SWAP: Stock FD Parts Exchange Thread.
  22. SWAP: SMB 3.5" Single for twin tip
  23. SWAP: SMB 5"cat for 3" cat with centre muffler
  24. SWAP: FEED rear wing for OEM S8 rear wing.
  25. SWAP: Ashtray for centre padded armrest/bin.
  26. S8 Wing for GT Wing?
  27. Swap: mikuni omp (s8) for denso omp (s6)
  28. SWAP: RE headlight for KS headlight
  29. FREE s8 fly wheel (vic)
  30. swap, cash your way, My 16"s with bald rubber for your 16s with good rubber.
  31. SWAP: Diff swap + cash.
  32. SWAP: FD hatch with spoiler holes removed for S8 one with holes.
  33. SWAP: Ganador Ti Exhaust for SMB/Racing Beat Twin Tip
  34. SWAP: Project Mu Rotors, SP Airbox, 17" Volk Racing rims, and cash for 13BREW
  35. SWAP: S8 diff for something of interest.
  36. Swap: HKS filters/intake for OEM S8 airbox.
  37. SWAP: Jasma 3" stainless catback for S8 stock exhaust
  38. SWAP: Swap wheels.
  39. SWAP: Work Meister wheels.
  40. SWAP: 13B-REW, turbos, gearbox & diff for $$$.
  41. SWAP: Clutch tools for Beer (Sydney)
  42. SWAP: Ganador Full Ti Catback for Re-Amemiya.
  43. SWAP: Work wheels
  44. [SWAP] 19" BuddyClub P1 wheels for 17" or 18" SSR Professors
  45. [SWAP FD RX7] RE Amemiya carbon sill plates
  46. [SWAP FD RX7] Swap Feed style front bar for OEM bar
  47. [SWAP FD RX7] CBR - swap my spoilerless hatch, for your hatch with a S8 spoiler
  48. [SWAP FD RX7] WTB/Swap 18x10 JDM rims