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General Forum Usage

User Profile Features

Reading and Posting Messages

Shoutbox FAQ

The Reputation System
Reputation / Comments System
Many of you will be aware of the new reputation system that has been implemented by the administrators to the forums.

At the top right of every post you will see a new icon () which allows you to provide reputation for that user's post. Clicking the icon allows you to post a comment and state whether you approve or disapprove. As long as you are a full user (i.e. you have 30 posts and have been a member for 30 days), this will then be publicly available for everyone to see and will appear directly underneath the post as a comment. A box titled "Comments on this post" will appear, with a list of users who agree/disagree.

All full users have a certain reputation power. This depends on the number of posts they have, the reputation they have received themselves and how long they have been a member etc. When you approve of a post, you increase the poster's reputation by the number of reputation points you have. If you disagree with their post, their reputation points will decrease by the number of reputation points you have.

If you are not yet a full user (i.e. you do not have 30 posts and have not been a member for 30 days) you do not have any reputation power. While you can still comment on posts, you will not alter the poster's reputation points.

Every time you agree or disagree with a post, your comment will appear in their user control panel. Each comment will either have a green icon (to show that the user agreed with your post), a red icon (to show that the user disagreed with your post) or a grey icon (where the user has no reputation power so is not a full member).

Everyone starts with 10 points and one green icon associated with their profile. As they gain (or lose) points, their total increases or decreases and the number of green icons next to their profile changes. The more green icons there are, the more the user is respected in the forum.

You can find out your current reputation level from your Control Panel. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see a "Latest Reputation Received" section, where you can find out your current reputation level and view the most recent comments posted about you.


Thanks System

Underneath each post you will see a "Thanks" icon like this - Thanks Icon

If you appreciate the contents of the Post, consider clicking the Thanks Button! This will add your username to the list of people who have also thanked the post!

Show your appreciation - Click Thanks!


Using Tables in Posts
example: [table="option1;option2=value;option3='this is a long value with space';option4=value1,value2,value3"]
The whole option list should be wrapped with quotes.
Options are seperated by a semicolon
If an option has a value it is assigned with "equal to" mark. (option2)
If the value contains blanks or special characters it has to be wrapped with apostrophes. (option3)
If an option has more than one value they are seperated by a comma. (option4)

Description of options:
This option defines the first line as head, so the first row is shown as head of the table. If the table sould be sorted, the head is not sorted.

This defines the table to be sorted by column 1, then column 2, then column 3. The "d" after the first colum specifies the order: descending (default: ascending)

autonum=1 (equal to autonum) autonum=a autonum=A
Defines that a new first column containing a numbering should be inserted.
1 -> 1, 2, 3, 4, ... , 999, 1000, ....
a -> a, b, c, ... , aa, ab, ... , zz
A -> A, B, C, ... , AA, BB, ... , ZZ

autonumtitle=oneword autonumtitle='long value with spaces'
Defines the title of the autonum-column. Can be left empty.

width=123px width=45em width=67%
Defines the width of the table.

Introduction to special options (formating cells and rows):
example: {option1=value1}{option2=value2}
These "special" options can be written as the very first content of a cell to format it.

Description of special options:
Defines a colspan from current cell with the length of 5 cells

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