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FD-RX7 Enthusiasts Forum FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Shoutbox Rules

  • No Porn! (People use the Forum at work!)
  • No Personal Abuse
  • No Slander
  • No Promotion of Theft or other strictly immoral and/or illegal behaviour
  • If you post Pictures, keep them under 400 pixels wide!
  • Post all Technical Questions in the Forums, not the Chatbox!
  • English is the only language to be used in the shoutbox. SMS-type abbreviations, nonsensical words and abbreviations are unacceptable.

  • NOTE: Shoutbox moderation will be kept very light, it is expected that all users self moderate, and try and treat the shoutbox as a public venue, with people of all ages and cultures present. Keep contentious issues light and please keep things in equilibrium.

  • WARNING: If the moderators suggest toning the conversation down a tad, strict attention should be taken.

  • Banning from the shoutbox, or from the forum will be enforced if you fail to comply to these rules.

Ignoring Users

One of the more powerful features of the chatbox is the ability to ignore users that annoy you!

To ignore somebody just :

click on the little dropdown arrowhead at the top left of the shoutbox menu line

select "ignore"

type the username (you wish to ignore) into the shoutbox entry box, after "/ignore"

Click "Shout"

You won't see any further messages from that user!

If you wish to see chats from the user again, return to the same place, remove their name and click on "Save Settings" again.

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